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death of a friend

Hard to share this one.  One of Doris Day's biggest fans (for many years) was our friend, Nada Ulcar. She also (like me) had a "mission" to share as much of Doris online as she could (check out her wonderful youtubes).  This is the letter I recently received from her son:
From: "Nada Ulcar" <>
To: "DeVita, Mike" <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 4, 2014 3:57:32 PM
Subject: Re: FW: new goodies now added....tune in!

Hello Mr. Mike, I'm Nada's son and unfortunatelly I must inform you that our beloved mother passed away on Sunday around 10:30 am due to aneurysm. She will be remembered as the best Mother
and Grandmother. My nephew found her feeling a little bit sick on Wednesday evening when she was vomiting and he asked her if he takes her to the doctor but she said she will go in the morning if she  
will not feel better. After these words she just fall asleep and he couldn't wake her anymore.We called ambulance but they said  situation is serious and she most likely will not wake up anymore. She was in coma
since then and on Sunday morning her hartbeat stopped. We were shocked because she didn't have any serious health problems, but in life is usually different what we think or believe.

Best regards,

Gasper Ulcar