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Mom's passing
I know I haven't been on the forum lately.  So much going on.
You all know that my mom had a stroke on June 10th 2011...we never thought she would live another 3 years and 3 months.  I went to visit her a couple of weeks ago and she was the best I had seen her in a very long time...she was talking much more, even feeding herself...she could hold her fork in her right hand and pick up her glass...never has she done that since being in the nursing home.  She is completely paralyzed on the left side.  She has always know us when we visit but her mind wasn't that great at times.  Before we left that day she was in good spirits and we hugged her, told her we loved her and she did the same..she said:  "You should always tell each other you love them because you never know if it will be the last time".  Little did we know it would be the last time we saw her and that we said those words to our mom.  Last week she went into the hosp. for a UTI and high fever of 104.8..I had called the hosp. and talked with her nurse...she said she had improved and that her fever was down and they were going to keep her there a couple of days just to keep an eye on her and then probably return to the nursing home on Friday.  The next day (Wed.) I got a hone call saying she wasn't doing well, she was in ICU and her kidneys were shutting down..I got a phone call early Thurs. morning (7:00) that she had passed away.  I was so glad I saw her a couple of weeks ago and that I have that wonderful memory of mom and her feeling so good that last visit.
I will be leaving today with my daughter Amy to make the long drive to Elberton, GA.  We are leaving today because it's almost a 4 hr. drive and her funeral is tomorrow at 11:00 and we didn't want to fight the Atlanta traffic and knowing we could get into traffic or etc. and not make it there on time.  We are staying at a motel and will not have to rush.  I will miss my mom so much but now she is at peace and not suffering anymore.  She is now in heaven rejoicing and with her sister (who passed away 52 years ago, her parents and so many others that have passed away that she knew.  Please keep my family in your prayers.  Tomorrow will be a hard day but it will also be a celebration of my mom's life.  My brother is speaking and I know that will be something wonderful.   I'll be back home late tomorrow evening.  Thanks to you all for caring and all the prayers and kindness you have shown over the past three years.  That means a lot to me.
I'm doing much better health wise...did get the shingles back in April (that was one painful experience) but now they are pretty much gone.  Love, Carol